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  • New Preppers Featherlite Survival Kit 1.0 for Emergency

    There is a new preppers survival lightweight pouch for storing emergency items. Featherlite Survival Kit 1.0 is a survival gear kit that contains nine basic emergency items everyone should have in their disaster prepardness plan.

    Emergency Lightweight Survival Kit Featherlite Survival Kit 1.0

    In the wake of "Apocalyptic devastation" caused by the 2017 flooding resulting from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, people are rethinking how to prepare for disasters.

    Since 1887, the world community has experienced  a long history of devastating natural disasters, resulting in millions of deaths and property damage. With that experience, it is disheartening to realize that many political and business leaders have not learned lessons in how to protect and prepare their people against disasters.

    In 2017, the United States experienced some of the worst hurricanes and floods in U.S. history, but there is evidence of failure by government (national and local) to fund infrastructure projects such as levees. Such failure to prevent untold misery from storm flooding is inexcusable. Consequently, it is our duty, both individually and collectively, to take steps to prepare for disasters.

    A well-prepared emergency disaster plan should not be only about food and drinking water. In addition, you need to keep a disaster preparedness kit that contains survival items for the first 24 hours or more after a disaster.

    There is an inexpensive survival gear kit that can hold nine items to help you survive a flooding disaster. A survival gear kit that includes the basic disaster preparedness supplies can make a difference.

    You can buy a Featherlite Survival Kit 1.0 for disaster preparedness. This survival lightweight pouch is available online at Home Security Fair to help you prepare for a rainy day. You can even buy more than one compact pouch so you can keep a kit at home, in your car, on your boat or in your pack so you are always prepared. Indeed, you can buy one lightweight compact pouch for each member of your family.

    The emergency contents are stored inside the Featherlite Survival Kit, a lightweight bright orange pouch that makes it is easy to locate. It's in a compact pouch for convenient storage.

    Inside this lightweight compact pouch, you'll get the following contents:

    1. 1 - 4" Emergency Light Glow Stick

    The Emergency light glow stick is one of the most important disaster preparedness supplies in the compact pouch. A light stick that glows in the dark is a luminescent plastic, that is, it is transparent enough to provide a glowing light you may need during a disaster.

    An emergency glow stick is made of translucent plastic, which contains a combination of chemicals, including diphenyl oxalate which acts as a heat-transfer medium. The light is produced from the reaction of the chemicals.

    It contains It can be used as a light as well as a signal. As a light, you can use to see what is immediately around you; and you can used to signal to others that you are there.

    Unlike diamonds that for last forever, an emergency glow stick's shelf-life is limited. Depending on the make and type of glow stick, an emergency light stick can have a shelf-life of 2 - 4 years, and each light can be used up to 24 hours. However, shelf-life depends on how the light sticks are packages and how they are stored.

    Research indicates that foil-wrapped glow sticks last longer (2-4 years) than non-foil wrapped glow sticks with a shelf-life of about 12-18 months.

    Equally important is how you store your glow sticks. Experts recommend to store glow sticks in dry cool places to maintain their quality and effectiveness. The opposite could be true. Storing them in dump areas can cause the glow sticks to absorb water which could reduce their shelf-life and intensity of glow.

    2. 1 - Box of Waterproof Matches

    Get Emergency Waterproof Matches Emergency Waterproof Matches That Burn Even If Wet

    In case of an emergency, a match can be used as a light in the darkness, and a box of waterproof matches comes in hand during and after a flooding storm. You'll need a box of matches to build a fire to keep you warm, but the wet box of conventional matches won't be of any help. With new technology, you can now equip yourself with a box of waterproof matches that burn even when they are wet.



    3. 1 - Emergency Rain Poncho

    Keeping warm during a flooding storm is crucial, and an emergency rain poncho or backpacking poncho can be a life-saver. The best rain poncho for disaster preparedness is one that is light enough to store in a lightweight compact pouch. There are many designs of storm ponchos and outdoor wraps or raincoats on the market.

    Unlike backpacking for recreational activities, such as hiking and camping, getting prepared for disasters such as a category 5 hurricane is somewhat different. A disposable rain pancho or similar lightweight poncho is preferable to heavy raincoats. The lighter your survival kit the better for movement or mobility.

    4. 1 - Emergency Whistle

    The importance of an emergency whistle cannot be emphasized enough. Just look at soccer (football) and basketball matches. Without a whistle it would be hard to signal to players that there has been a foul on the play. Like soccer and basketball players, the sound of a whistle has been engrained in the public conscience.

    The use of whistles in not confined to sports. In some countries, law enforcement or traffic officials still use whistles to control crowds or the flow of traffic. Indeed, the trilling sound of a whistle on a crowded street does and will often turn heads and attention to the whistleblower (no pun intended).

    Likewise in an a disaster, an emergency whistle can be used to signal rescue officials to come to your aid. For this reason, an emergency whistle is added to the Featherlite Survival Kit 1.0 for your convenience.

    5. 1 - Emergency Signal Mirror

    It may come as a complete surprise that you can use an emergency signal mirror during an emergency to signal for help. Using a signal mirror is the cheapest way of sending wireless text messages during daytime, because all you need is a portable, handheld mirror and sunlight. Until discovery of wireless radio, Military signal mirror was used for Heliography, a process of sending solar text messages by beaming sun reflections on a movable mirror.

    Signalling with a mirror is based based on the Morse code invented by Samuel F. B. Morse in 1836. Until the advent of Telex (teletypewriter for sending and receiving hard copy of text message using telephone line), Morse code was the primary method of sending telegraphs.

    The Morse code is still used today by amateur radio operators, and even some airline pilots. Even if you're not proficient in using a signal mirror to send heliographic messages, you can use it in a disaster to signal to rescue first responders flying above in a helicopter or plane.

    In addition, people who enjoy backpacking in the wild should have a signal mirror in the quiver. For example, if you're enjoying backpacking in the wild and your GPS signals on your smart are dead when you get lost, a signal mirror can come in hand to send SOS messages to rescue and airline pilots.

    This important emergency signal mirror is made available to you as part of the Featherlite Survival Kit 1.0 package.

    6. 1 - Emergency Button Compass

    An emergency button compass is an instrument for reading horizontal reference directions relative to the magnetic earth. There are several compass types such as magnetic compasses and gyrocompasses. Most experts indicate that a liquid-filled buttom compass is easy to read and the magnetic needle wobbles less than other compass types.

    An emergency button compass is made available to you as part of the Featherlite Survival Kit 1.0 package.

    7. 1 - emergency Survival Blanket

    An emergency survival blanket is included in in the Featherlite Survival Kit 1.0 package. It's light but effective in keeping 90 percent of your body heat. In addition, this emergency blanket has many uses such as ground cover or as a shield for the sun, rain or snow.

    8. 1 - Survival Towel

    An emergency survival towel is included in the Featherlite Survival Kit 1.0 package, obviously for cleaning. However, a survival towel can be improvised for different uses. For example, you can include a survival towel in your bug out bag just in case you have to filter water to drink, if necessary. While asurvival towel will not purify water, it has absorbent fibers that can filter out chemical contaminants better than boiling.

    9. 1 - Instruction Sheet

    Last but least, the Featherlite Survival Kit 1.0 package comes with an instruction sheet on how to use the first eight items above.

    Now that you know what is included in this new preppers survival lightweight pouch for storing emergency items, buy this Featherlite Survival Kit 1.0 now to provide for and protect yourself and family.

  • How Effective Are Stun Guns

    How Effective Are Stun Guns As Self Defense Weapons?

    The question "How effective are stun guns?" has persisted ever since stun guns became self defense weapons of choice. Stun guns such as Stun Master® 8.5 Million Volt Rechargeable Fashion Stun Gun or Pretender 4.5 Million Volt Cell Phone Stun Gun have become very

    Rechargeable Stun Gun with Flashlight Stun Master 8.5 Million Volt Rechargeable Fashion Stun Gun

    popular for personal protection.  For those still on the fence, the question often is "How effective are stun guns" as self defense weapons. As used here, stun guns include "Tasers®."

    Empirical evidence of how often stun guns are used for self defense are hardly available to measure the effectiveness of such self defense weapons. However, two recent unrelated tragic deaths of suspects by police officers in August 2014 are instructive.

    One of the two tragic death involving the police using stun guns (or Tasers®) occurred on August 12, 2014, in Victorville, California.  According to the August 20, 2014 Daily Press, one Mr. Dante Parker "died in sheriff's custody...after being stunned with a Taser."

    As tragic the death of Dante Parker may be, proponents of stun guns could arguably use Dante Parker's demise as evidence that stun guns are powerful as self defense weapons.  Not surprising, opponents could use the same factual basis to argue the fact that stun guns are destructive to human life, and that they should be regulated like guns.

    Tasers / Stun Guns Are Not 100 Percent Effective

    Another tragic death that opponents can argue that Tasers or stun guns are not 100 percent is the death of Kajieme Powell who was fatally shot by St. Louis police officers on August 22, 2014. However, police officers did not use stun gun to shoot Mr. Powell.  Ironically, it's the police officers' decision to use lethal weapons, instead of non-lethal weapons such as stun guns, that has caused an outcry in the community.

    In the aftermath of the fatal shooting of Mr. Powell by police officers, a video recording by witness to the shooting emerged.  The video recording seems to contradict a press statement issued by the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department immediately after the fatal shooting. Police Chief Dotson indicated that Mr. Powell was killed apparently because he came within three feet of the police officers, and that he ignored police officers' orders to drop a knife in his hand.

    Immediately after a video recording by a witness emerged, there was an outcry of police use of excessive force.  Although it is difficult to second guess police officers who must protect themselves from violent encounters with the public, it is not hard not question why police officers fatally shot Mr. Powell within a few seconds upon their arrival on the scene.

    Because the optics of the video recording by a witness indicate that police officers were apparently not in immediate danger since Mr. Powell was more than three feet away from police officers, the question is why didn't police officers use stun guns or Tasers to subdue him?

    According to the Huffington Post, CNN's Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo pushed Chief Dotson to explain the police officers' use of lethal force, rather than opting for an alternative form of defense like a Taser.  Chief Dotson is quoted as saying:

    "Certainly a Taser is an option that's available to the officers, but Tasers aren't 100 percent," Dotson said..."In a lethal situation, they used lethal force," he added.

    For prospective stun gun buyers who wonder how effective stun guns are, Chief Dotson's statement that "Tasers aren't 100 percent," is perhaps not very assuring.  However, if you consider FBI's statistics indicating that there were 1.214 million  violent crimes in the United States in 2012, you can't afford to go out there without thinking about your personal safety.

    Unlike police officers who are licensed to kill, most people don't have the luxury of choosing between stun guns and lethal weapons.  Despite the Second Amendment right to bear arms, most States have cumbersome gun laws that are designed to protect their residents from gun violence.

    As an alternative, however, most States, if not all, define stun guns as non-lethal weapons, and you can invest in stun guns to protect yourself or your family, and your property or business from assailants and intruders.  Stun guns are arguably not 100 percent when compared to guns.  However, you would rather have a stun gun than being without any protection. Thus, the question is no longer "How effective are stun guns?"  Rather, the question is whether you can afford not to protect yourself or your family with the most powerful stun guns you  can find on the market today.

    In addition to Security Camera System for your home or business, learn how you can protect yourself or family from violent crime by visiting at:  IP Security Camera System Homepage.

  • Wireless Spy Camera Systems

    HD Wireless Hidden Cameras Wireless Spy Camera Systems

    With an increase in crime, you can protect your home or business with wireless spy camera systems, such as a low cost P2P WIFI Smoke Detector HD Hidden Camera. Because it is rechargeable and portable, this makes an excellent surveillance system as well as security system for your home or business. Moreover, you can use security surveillance cameras or hidden cameras to protect your home or business and record events as evidence against criminals.

    All of us want to be safe and secure in our homes, business places and other surroundings in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. Unfortunately, we live in a violent world in which criminals may violently attack you or your family, and they may even easily break in your home or business with impunity.

    Even with the best police force on the face of the earth, the government cannot guarantee you 24/7 protection against criminals.  The best way to help the government and yourself fight crime is by investing in home security systems, including WIFI cameras.

    Wireless spy cameras used to be very expensive and out of reach for most people.  Today, you can invest in a low cost P2P Smoke Detector HD Hidden Camera which you can easily set up. If you have children and wish to employ a baby sitter, you can invest in a hidden nanny camera to check your nanny or baby sitter and see what's going on when you are not there.

    If you are looking for a wireless outdoor security camera system or inexpensive security camera systems for indoors at your business, there is a wide selection of wireless security cameras to choose from.  For example, you might want to invest in a high definition (HD) wireless spy camera.  Wireless camera systems are so easy to set up that you don’t need a broad working knowledge of computers.

    If you know how to download an app, you’ll set up your wireless camera like a professional. Your knowledge of a wireless router will come handy when you are ready to purchase and set up a low cost HD wireless camera. Wireless camera systems have become very popular for business and family protection. After installing your HD wireless camera, you can use it as a nanny camera, baby monitor or use it as a surveillance camera while you are far away.

    The beauty of an HD wireless camera such as the Wireless P2P WIFI Smoke Detector HD Hidden Camera is that they come with quality features such as HD 720 pixel to record high quality video to the 16GB SD card, which comes with the package. Using an app, you can clearly monitor remotely what's happening at home or business in real time.

    For more information on wireless spy camera systems and details on low cost P2P Smoke Detector HD Hidden Camera, visit:


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